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Boy scout Cycling Merit-Badge rides


  1. "How many rides do we need to do?" - The Merit badge calls for total of 7 rides: 2x10M, 2x15M, 2x25M, and a final one of 50M. We will be riding more than these, so you can mix-and-match. We can also accommodate if you were not able to join for al the 6 rides. HOWEVER, before the 50M ride, you will have to take part in at least one 25M ride. It is an issue of safety and preparedness. If in doubt about how many rides you need to do, talk to me.
  2. "How much time should it take?" - You can assume in general a pace of 10M/hour to include all 'normal' problems. And we do leave promptly at 8am. So 17M this time means 'less than 2-hours'.
  3. "Do we need to pick up the scouts at the end?" - The best things is to let the scouts be self supported: Biking to Palo-Verde, doing the ride, and biking back home. That's what we did last time. We are making sure to chaperon the scouts to a place they are comfortable with for biking back home at the end.

About OLH hill:

(taken verbatim from )

Course Description

The official start of the hill climb is the stone bridge (I presume it is the leading, and not the trailing, edge of it); the end is the stop sign at the top of the intersection of Old La Honda and Skyline Blvd.

The course record, according to various posts on USENET newsgroups, is a few ticks under 15 minutes (14:50 or so), and is either owned by Dr. Eric Heiden (the Olympic speed-skating champion who lived 2/3rds up Old La Honda), or a guy named Mike Murray.

The Western Wheelers even has a “ rider category system” based on a rider’ s times up Old La Honda. (This helps match cyclists with Western Wheeler rides of his or her appropriate level of difficulty). The system is as follows:

Category A: total novice
Category B: it takes the cyclist 40-60 minutes to go up Old La Honda
Category C: 30-40 minutes
Category D: 25-30 minutes
Category E: 20-25 minutes
Category F: under 20 minutes

This is how Western Wheelers matches cyclists to rides:

Western Wheelers Hilliness Ratings (Definition)

Approx.     Hilliness
Ft./Mi.      Rating
---------   ---------
0-25           1
25-50          2
50-75          3
75-100+        4

Average Speed (MPH) vs. Hilliness and Ride Category, Typical

    1  2  3  4
A  10  8  6 NA
B  12 10  8  6
C  14 13 12 11
D  17 16 15 14
E  20 19 18 17
F  23 22 21 20

Climb Statistics

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