Bay To Breakers: Palo Alto to HMB

Email i sent out:

Subject: Bay lands to Breakers (Palo-Alto to Half-Moon bay)
Hi all,
.. zipped specific year/time details. We will start at 6:00 AM from the Baylands ;
The second leg, starting from Woodside, will leave at 8:30 AM from Woodside elementary.
We expect to be at Half-Moon bay around 11:30->12:00, where we will dip in the water (optional), change (mandatory), and go to the Three Amigos (or something else near by). I will send an email later on, as we finalize things, but this is just to start things.
Some technical details: We may have min-aid station at the end of Purisima: this is real important, as it can get hot and exposed on Higgins canyon… (Thanks George!) Happy trails, (and I will email more later, as the list firms up, and we get closer) Zachi

Questions/Comments: Zachi at Baharav dot Org .